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10 treats to rock the bakesale this year

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I like to bake, I am not one to complain about any activity that results in a cake, cookie, brownie or pie, lol! So last year when it came time to make something for my daughter’s bake sale I thought I had it in the bag. In. the. bag. Yeeaaaaaaaah. Not so much. My scratch made cupcakes apparently didn’t look exciting enough to even make it to the official table! They never even got a chance, man….but I learned my lesson. Plain ole vanilla cupcakes don’t have the sparkling good looks it takes to compete and I want to make it to that table! Here are some recipes I am considering this time around because they are designed to wow. What do you bake for your kids school bake sales? Will you send me the recipe….please?!

A blondie recipe with options, this time she stirred in m&m’s and oreos which I think it genius, why didn’t I think of that? from

This didn’t link to the original, so I don’t know where it came from, but it’s more about the packaging, this is just so convenient, I would buy it so I could eat my cake pronto. Instant gratification!

Alien cupcakes, nuff said!

The cookies pictured above are just to darling for words and you could easily change the toppings to reflect the season or change the cookie dough to chocolate chip, why not? I would use it as a starting point for cookie on a stick awesome-ness.

I have made these and I am not proud of it, but the pan didn’t last 24 hours in our house….they were in-sane.

Oh, you cannot go wrong with a big, soft suger cookie with frosting….

These look great on their own, but I think my spin would be to plunk a reeces CUP into the brownie batter, right smack dab in the middle and lay the reeces pieces on top of that….but that’s just me.

I think this one is self explanatory.

Somethin’ for the adults, this is a raspberry chocolate chip MUFFIN, so it’s healthy cause muffin always = healthy, that’s just a fact.

And for those folks who don’t like sweets, these look so yummy!
givepeasachance …and if you go over there, the blog is really cute, too!

So I think that’s a good start, and something for every level of experience, but also something for every mood, too…or at least every mood I have!
And please, feel free to share what you have made for your kids bake sales, I really really do want to know!


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